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Blurgh! The Black Metal Cat - Plush Toy

Image of Blurgh! The Black Metal Cat - Plush Toy


\m/ =^ಠ_ಠ^= You can now be the proud owner of your very own ball of hateful fluff; BLURGH PLUSH! =^ಠ_ಠ^= \m/

Hand crafted by the Wonderfully Talented Plush Lord Kitti Ainsbury!


~*\m/ Dimensions \m/*~
(He's a big boy!)

+Height (while sitting):
10.5 inches approx.

+Head Width (cheek point to cheek point):
11.5 inches approx.


~*\m/ Video Detail/Review \m/*~



*~ Please Note that as these are a hand-made item and larger to post that they may take a little while longer than the comics and patches! Don't hesitate to contact with any enquiries <3 ~*

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